Chris Kilmer Grades Teacher

Chris Kilmer

Grades Teacher

Chris has more than 25 years of teaching experience and has graduated three classes at Prairie Hill. She has deep roots in the Waldorf, Anthroposophical and Biodynamic movements in Wisconsin along with her extended family. Chris’s mom, Ruth, attended a Waldorf school as a child and her parents were friends of Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf founder. She attended a Waldorf High School in Germany as well.

Chris completed her B.S. in Elementary education from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and holds her Wisconsin teaching license. She has completed coursework in Developmental Reading, Environmental Education in the classroom, and Language Acquisition of a Bilingual Child at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Teaching the Gifted and Talented from Carroll University. She has completed grade intensives at Rudolf Steiner College and Sunbridge College.

Miss Kilmer believes that unlocking the potential of each student and guiding them to become creative, free-thinking individuals is one of the greatest gifts teaching provides. She values the opportunity to follow children through their different developmental stages and getting to deeply know each unique child. She brings understanding, patience and a wealth of knowledge to her students, helping them to thrive in all stages of their development.

Comprehensive Curriculum

"A central objective of Waldorf teaching is to create a sense of wonder about each subject, even math."  -Todd Oppenheimer, The Atlantic

Prairie Hill Waldorf School is committed to excellence in academics. The Waldorf approach aligns with current educational theory that learning should be age appropriate and multi-sensory, acquired not only through sight and sound, but also through touch, movement, imagination, and feeling. Students receive a comprehensive education that not only engages the intellect, but the whole child through head, heart and hands – an education that integrates the artistic and creative with the scientific and intellectual study.

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