6th grade
"I see my kids, by finishing this program here through eight years and Kindergarten, is they are going to be more prepared for life. So, it’s not like: are they going to be ready for high school? They are going to not only be ready, they are going to be ready to tackle the challenges of life well beyond school."


Entering the Middle School:

Sixth graders are perched on the edge of the adolescence years as they enter the Middle School. Alongside physical changes, the students exhibit stronger objective reasoning and critical thinking skills, and some inner struggle as students seek to balance their individuality with their desire to fit in.

Our curriculum responds to this unsurety in the students by teaching the laws that govern the earth. They delve into physics, dig into the earth in geology, analyze what drives the economy, and journey to the lawfulness and passions of Rome. Their desire for facts, for understanding causalities in the world, and for meeting their own moods are addressed.

Technology, including the social and behavioral science behind it, is introduced into the classroom in a developmentally appropriate way. The strong need for truth and justice in the students is emphasized by teaching how to use technology safely, ethically and intentionally.

Your sixth grader will learn:

    Mathematics:  Business math including advanced work with fractions, percentages, and decimals, and geometry

    Language Arts:  Research and expository writing, formal multi-paragraph essays, business writing, outline writing, speech and drama

    Literature:  Roman mythology and Arthurian legends

    Science:  Physics, geology, astronomy, economics

    Geography:  Mediterranean, Central and South America

    History:  Rome, Christianity and Islam, Middle Ages

    Spanish:  Formal grammar, dictation, comprehensive reading, individualized dialogue, expanded vocabulary, spelling practice, poems and songs, culture, and history

    Physical Education:  Circus arts including juggling, balance skills, acrobatics, gymnastics and team sports including volleyball, soccer and basketball

    Technology:  Social and behavioral science, responsible use

    Electives:  Students study various topics in art and humanities not already covered in the curriculum

    Handwork:  Creating a pattern and handsewing a 3-D elephant, dollmaking

    Woodwork:  Spoon carving, birdhouses, bat houses and beneficial insect houses

    Art:  A variety of mediums including: charcoal drawing, painting, clay modeling

    Theater:  Class play complementing sixth grade curriculum

    Music:  Flute, chorus, string ensemble and community-wide concerts

    Additional information:

    Field trips, including overnight camping trips, are used to enrich the classroom learning. Prior Waldorf experience is not needed to attend sixth grade. Classes are filled on a first come/first serve basis.

    Schedule: (M, T, W, F) 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m & (Thursdays) 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

    Drop-off opens at 7:45 a.m. & After Care Available


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