Waldorf education is more relevant today than ever with a curriculum designed to bring learning when a student is most ready to receive it. Our developmentally appropriate approach reduces frustration, anxiety and burnout. Our students love to learn and it shows.

Current brain research supports what we have known all along; filling the child's head with facts is not enough. In order to navigate the world successfully, we need strong social and emotional skills along side academics. The true leaders of the future will be those who posess all of these qualities.

Our students are active participants in their learning, giving them opportunities to be fully engaged with life. Our hands-on approach brings our curriculum in a multidimensional way, ensuring each student has the chance to connect with what they are learning. When learning is authentic, it resonates deeply, enabling students to fully understand it and put it to use in a variety of ways. Students are singing, drawing, gardening, creating interactive presentations and science experiments and participating in field trips. Our innovative approach to learning increases our students’ creative and critical thinking skills, enabling them to become dynamic and out of the box innovators.

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