Hannah Kubiak Kindergarten Assistant

Hannah Kubiak

Kindergarten Assistant

Hannah earned her BA in Drama from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2015. After a missionary year teaching and working in Scottish secondary schools and another year as an intern for the Lockport Catholic Worker, she moved to Milwaukee to pursue a career in theater. Since then she has worked as an actor, director, and designer for Milwaukee theaters and a theater educator for students ages 5-18.

Like theater education, Waldorf education is hands-on and active. The curriculum nurtures creativity, develops social skills, emphasizes the importance of play, and encourages empathy and emotional intelligence.

Play-based Kindergarten

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world”
– Albert Einstein

In early childhood, young children are nurtured in a home-like environment. Their days include time in nature, artistic activities, creative play with natural toys, stories, songs, and practical activities such as building, sewing and cooking. The curriculum fosters the curiosity and joy of childhood and builds the self confidence and pre-academic skills that become the foundation for formal learning in the grades.

All elements of the kindergarten are guided by trained teachers who deeply understand how your child learns – engaging him or her intellectually, emotionally and physically. The curriculum is supported by a strong oral tradition that provides rich language experiences that are successful in cultivating good speech and expression. This approach exposes your child to significantly larger vocabularies than those found in early-reader programs, allowing her or him to expand their literacy skills through dramatization, poetry, puppet plays, songs, storytelling and drawings – creating a foundation in reading and writing.

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