Megan Link Grades Teacher

Megan Link

Grades Teacher

Megan Link is a graduate of Prairie Hill Waldorf School class of ’97. She has taught at the school since 2005; first in early childhood, then in the grades. She has graduated four groups of 8th graders in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018. She has also taught Math and tutored students in the middle school.

Miss Link has completed her B.A. in Zoology and Conservation and has a certificate in Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She achieved her masters in 2019 from Mount Mary in Education with a Waldorf emphasis along with her teaching certificate from Great Lakes Waldorf Institute.

Miss Link believes her role as an educator is to show the children the goodness and beauty in themselves and in the world, which will spark their imagination and their great potential for learning. She brings a deep passion for the natural world and Waldorf education to her students, awakening a lifelong love for learning and a deeper respect and appreciation for fellow man and for our earth.

Comprehensive Curriculum

"A central objective of Waldorf teaching is to create a sense of wonder about each subject, even math."  -Todd Oppenheimer, The Atlantic

Prairie Hill Waldorf School is committed to excellence in academics. The Waldorf approach aligns with current educational theory that learning should be age appropriate and multi-sensory, acquired not only through sight and sound, but also through touch, movement, imagination, and feeling. Students receive a comprehensive education that not only engages the intellect, but the whole child through head, heart and hands – an education that integrates the artistic and creative with the scientific and intellectual study.

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