Sally Sommer Program Services Manager

Sally Sommer

Program Services Manager

Beginning with a traditional degree in education, Sally soon became part of a Waldorf initiative, learning through seminars and by teaching Early Childhood for eight years. She found her next home in the business world and then as administrator of Prairie Hill for five years. Sally has worked in enrollment, mediation, the After Care Program, School Store, and served as a member and consultant to various faculty committees. In her current position as Program Services Manager, Sally brings her 30+ years of experience, dedication and warmth to everyone she meets.

Sally has a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from UW-Madison and has completed her Waldorf education degree through Emerson College in England and UW-Madison.

Sally was lucky to find Waldorf education soon after graduating college. She says that working with so many families through the years has enriched her life and made her a better person. Sally wears many hats, from warmly greeting people from our front office to patching up a child's skinned knee. She accomplishes everything that she does with a smile on her face.

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