Vicki Kingsbury Wonder Garden Teacher

Vicki Kingsbury

Wonder Garden Teacher

After many years in the corporate world, Vicki joined Prairie Hill in 2003 and became Prairie Hill's Playgroup Coordinator, staffing and leading playgroups for parents and toddlers six mornings a week. Vicki started and taught our flourishing Summer Garden Program, was Coordinator for our TLC Afternoon Program in Kindergarten, and is currently teaching in Wonder Garden. Her daughter Brianna and son, Jacob are both Prairie Hill graduates.

Vicki has a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Massachusetts and graduated from the LifeWays Early Childhood and Human Development program. She is currently enrolled in the Great Lakes Waldorf Institute; and has participated in a wide variety of Waldorf education conferences, workshops and classes. And she wholeheartedly learns more from the children than anything else!

Miss Vicki welcomes our Wonder Garden (Pre-K) students to this new phase of their school lives with kindness, loving guidance, and a reassuring structure to make the transition to formal schooling as gentle as possible for the children. She ensures her actions are worthy of imitation to help the students learn how to navigate the social and personal responsibilities presented to them in class. 

Nurturing Childhood

“The most effective kind of learning is that the child should play among lovely things” – Plato

Every aspect of the Waldorf curriculum contains the gift of being powerfully transformative. It begins with the way we respect, love, nurture and treasure your young child and protect their Childhood (capital “C”, as it is such a sacred time).

Meaningful work and creative play in a structured and rhythmical environment is the foundation upon which a healthy life is developed. Here children learn and practice their social skills such as patience, sharing, asking, thanking and helping those in need.

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