ARIS HUSANU “I am still not sure what kindergarteners do in most public schools. My guess is that they do not go on nature walks in search of fairies and gnomes, hand craft dolls, or draw with beeswax crayons. But these are the things I remember about my childhood in a Waldorf school. I went to a Waldorf school from kindergarten thru 8th grade, where the focus was on teaching how to learn instead of memorizing facts. Waldorf schools emphasize creativity and problem solving along with art and expression. The experiences I received translated into problem solving and creative skills which I apply to the use of computers when building them and programming applications. Ever since I took a College for Kids summer class titled Make your own video game, I have been fascinated by how computers work and how I can manipulate them to work for me. I find that I like to think of new ideas for video games rather than playing them. I have written an app that has been published on the Google Play Store, and I am working on another one that will take the form of a game. I would like to major in computer science and engineering because I enjoy looking at a problem logically to solve it and use the answer to create programs. One of my most important goals is to bring together my love of computers and technology with my passion for the environment and work toward a future where those two can coexist and be mutually beneficial. The way I was taught and how I grew up with the same classmates for almost 11 years has affected how I interact with others. I make it my goal to always look out for others and help out when possible.” Aris Graduated from Kettle Morraine High School in 2013.






LAUREN JOHNSON She has been inducted into the National Honors Society.


LAURA LOUCKS She spent the 2011 fall semester at Conserve School. She was the vice president of the KMHS drama club during the 2012-2013 school year. She has been inducted into the National Honors Society. She earned the highest possible score at the Wisconsin State Music Association Solo Ensemble Festival in the spring 2012, and does not know her state scores yet. Has graduated from Kettle Moraine High School in 2013




JOSHUA SARNA He has been a part of the KMHS track throughout his high school career. He has been inducted into the national Honors Society. Has graduated from Kettle Moraine High School in 2013

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